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Module 6-Unit 2-Activity 2


STEP 1: George Ross is a young migrant (18 years old), who is trying to participate in training courses, in order to upgrade his skills and to meet people, who can help him find a job in the future.

STEP 2: Read carefully the following dialogue and taking into consideration what you have learned about the communication process and try to identify the weaknesses and the strong points in relation to the following communication process?

  1. (Migrant) Good morning madam
  2. (Social worker) Good morning
  3. (M) I would like to ask you a few questions
  4. (SW) Who is speaking, please?
  5. (M) I am George Ross
  6. (SW) What do you, actually, want?
  7. (M) I want to participate as a volunteer in your training courses
  8. (SW) Are you working currently?
  9. (M) Actually I am unemployed. This is why I thought it would be good to upgrade my skills
  10. (SW) It is a good idea. But what kind of training you are interested in?
  11. (M) I have studied economics and I would like to get accountancy skills. If such a course is not available, I have other interests as well.
  12. (SW) If I understood correctly you want to attend a course in accountancy; you are, however, interested in any course related to your field of studies.
  13. (M)It is not true. I am also interested in courses that have nothing to do with my studies because I have a wide variety of interests.
  14. (SW) We do not have a course on accountancy. You will have to wait, because the administration has not yet produced the Course Plan of next semester. As for your other interests it is better to specify what other training subjects you are interested in. But, you should not have only the interest to do something, but also you should have the appropriate skills, in order to respond to the needs of the training. We have a great variety of training courses and I do not really know what is appropriate for you.
  15. (M) It seems that you do not have a course on accountancy in this semester. As for the next semester the course plan will be announced later on. You also think that I am too vague and too general with my interests, so you cannot really help me.