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Module 7-Unit 3-CaseStudy 1

“Mohammed is a 15 year-old boy from Syria, living in a reception centre with his mother. His mother is struggling with anxiety and depression, and she is taking medication. Mohammed is suffering from panic attacks and PTSD ever since they fled Syria, about five months ago. He wakes up screaming in the middle of night, re-living the traumatic experience of fleeing Syria in an overcrowded boat in the middle of the night. You want to help him, but the centre is far away and does not have easy access to the city, where your organisation is based.

Mohammed can use his mother’s smartphone, but the internet connection is not very stable, and her mobile data use is limited. Mohammed can read and write in Arabic fluently, but he is not used to writing in long stretches about his feelings, and you are afraid that this will be an obstacle in your communication. “