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GVETS, proyecto Erasmus+, lanza un curso...
Do you know or work with children...
¿Por qué es necesario este proyecto?
¿Cuáles son sus objetivos?
¿A qué perfiles profesionales se dirige?
¿Cuáles son los contenidos del...
¿Qué aporta la gamificación al mundo...
Poner el ejemplo de algunas de las...
¿Qué pasos se han dado hasta ahora en...
¿Quién está testando la plataforma de elearning?
¿Qué papel desempeña Itainnova?
¿Qué papel tiene el resto de socios?
¿Qué resultados se espera obtener?
Introduce first practical result of GVETS
GVETS project is included to the 4th Handbook of Good Practices
GVETS in 3rd transnational partners meeting
staff training event of the GVETS project in Budapest
present GVETS project – online training platform to our colleagues
Multiplier event held in Budapest
Second Multiplier event held in Budapest
Menedék presents GVETS for SUMIGRE partners
GVETS project presented at NIEM coalition meeting
Multiplikációs rendezvényt tartottunk
Bemutattuk GVETS projektünket NIEM...
GVETS at the Fashion Awareness Festival
Training of Professionals working with migrants
GVETS in Launch Conference of the DARE
Multiplier event of the project GVETS
GVETS at the youth festival
GVETS last partner meeting
GVETS final conference
Statistical was presented in Italy
A report published
Final Conference PROFUCE project
“Waiting” by Stefano
Seminar on migratory
Meeting picture
Presentation picture

GVETS 2nd Newsletter

GVETS 2nd Newsletter
Our first product is a research paper in the form of an e-book, contains analysis on the state of art in the 7 consortium countries and on the EU level regarding training opportunities, methodologies and practices directed to professionals working…

GVETS 1st Newsletter

GVETS 1st Newsletter
Children with migrant backgrounds are at risk of violence along their migration route, and due to difficulties of identification and registration, their child protection needs are not always identified or met. Due to the recognition of a gap in the…