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Diversity Development Group (DDG)

Founded in 2012, NGO Diversity Development Group (DDG) is a non-profit organisation with an objective to carry out social (scientific, applied, and infrastructural) projects and research in the field of human rights, education, equal opportunities, diversity, migration and integration. The strategic aim of the organisation is to improve and manage diversity towards a sustainable, tolerant and socially responsible society. DDG activities cover the following areas:

  • Monitoring contemporary processes of migration and integration of migrants in order to accumulate, develop, and disseminate theoretical and empirical knowledge about contemporary migration processes in Lithuania;
  • Developing equal opportunities for migrants and other vulnerable groups: the monitoring of living and working conditions, human rights and social inclusion, social mobility and networks;
  • Promoting and consolidating fundamental rights and freedoms: equal rights for migrants and other vulnerable groups in areas of employment, housing, health care, social services, and education; policy analysis and recommendations;
  • Taking preventative actions against xenophobia, racism, and intolerance;
  • Fighting human trafficking.

By these activities, DDG aims for the following results

  • Actively participate in the development and implementation of social policies to ensure the protection of vulnerable groups in the society (including prevention of discrimination, promoting tolerance, improving equality and human rights);
  • While aiming for a harmonious, tolerant and fully integrated society, to create and develop mechanisms for intersectional cooperation: to include governmental institutions, non-governmental organisations, academia, independed experts and business sector in shaping social policies, political debates and discourse;
  • Raise awareness about human trafficking in contemporary societies.

In order to achieve these results, in its activities DDG intends to include various social partners, which represent different groups in the society.