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Module 2-Unit 2-CaseStudy 1

Victor and his four-year-old son Christopher fled El Salvador in 2015 and crossed the border together without inspection to the US. Victor decided to flee because his wife (Christopher’s mother) had been killed in an attack on a bus while coming home from work and he felt unsafe trying to raise his son there. Victor suffered from depression and PTSD after migrating. Initially, he was able to work as a day laborer and found day care for Christopher. Because of his depression, however, Victor eventually became unable to work and he has struggled to care for his young son. A caregiver at Christopher’s day care noticed that Christopher was frequently ill and hungry. Christopher also has asthma, which appeared to be untreated. She hesitated to contact child protection services (CPS), however, given Victor and Christopher’s lack of immigration status and because she was not sure CPS would have many services to assist someone who does not speak the local language.