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Module 3-Unit 4-CaseStudy 4

Idil Abdullah was successfully accepted in school, one year after arriving in Portugal. To help integrate Idil Abdullah (a child of six), you have a meeting with the boarding school and the Local Refugee Council to establish a plan for awareness raising for local children and the local community about the migration problem and the importance of supporting the inclusion process (for a proper Mental Health and Psychosocial Support). Children can be very hard on each other, and to help Idil to have a proper Mental Health and Psychosocial Support,  it is important to engage the school in this mission.

Take the following points in consideration (Points related to point 8. “Dissemination of information” in the IASC Guideline (2007, p. 29):

• Support reliable and accessible systems of accurate dissemination of information

• Strengthen community participation in validating and disseminating information

• Provide continuous access to information on the availability of assistance

Conduct information campaigns on supporting people with mental health and psychosocial problems

Monitor and evaluate the use of communication materials