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Module 4-Unit 4-CaseStudy 1

Keitha, 17 years old from Mali. He is orphan and arrived to Italy when he was 16 years old thanks to the economic support of the whole village of Doué. He attended the Koranic school for 2 years, he understand and speak French fluently but he is not able to read it or write it. Since he arrived in Italy he invested a lot to learn the language, despite the initial alphabetization challenges. After a year in the reception system, he has got A2 Italian language graduation and now he is enrolled to the lower secondary school. In the meantime his judicial position has been regulated and now he is entitled to apply for a job position. He now feels the responsibility to send money back home to his younger sister and the rest of the community. He is investing a lot of his spare time to find a job that fulfil his aspirations.