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Module 6-Unit 3-CaseStudy 1

Some Grade 3 boys play soccer together at recess. One day Sylvain, a boy who is bigger than the rest, tells the other boys lies about Emile, a boy with Syrian background. He says Emile stole pencils from the teacher’s desk. He says that Emile is stupid. For the next few recesses, when Emile tries to play soccer, Sylvain and two other boys tell him to get lost. They will not let him play soccer. After recess, Sylvain and the two other boys follow Emile to the washroom. They push him and yell at him. They say that if he tells on them, he will never be able to play soccer again, and they will beat him up. Now, no one will work or play with Emile. Every time Sylvain goes near Emile, Sylvain pinches Emile or hurts him in some way, and says that Emile had better not tell on him…or else he will punish him. Emile does not want to go out for recess anymore.

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