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Module 7-Unit 1-CaseStudy 2

“Elena works in a rehabilitation centre for young drug abusers. She is worried about one of the clients she is seeing, 13 year old Maria. Maria is showing signs of depression; she has started cutting herself and has told her in their last session that she does not see the point of carrying on. She does not have any friends, does not do well in school and relations with her family are tense. Elena is suspecting that Maria may be not receiving enough care and attention and while she has arranged for more appointments with her and reached out to her family and school, she is worried that Maria is not receiving enough care and attention. She thinks that by quickly checking Maria’s social media, she can get a better idea of her thoughts, as Maria seems to be spending a lot of time on her phone and she may be sharing information that would help her assess her condition better. Maria’s profile is private and she can only access it with a fake profile. “