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Module 7-Unit 4-CaseStudy 1

“Amina is a 14 year old girl refugee from Senegal who arrived in your country with her parents and two siblings when she was 9. Even though at first she struggled to get accustomed to her new life, she adjusted well in the new environment, learned the new language and is doing well at school. She used to be a very happy and active girl, was in her class’ basketball team and had a lot of friends. However, in the last few months she became withdrawn and absent-minded; her grades are falling and she spends most of her time texting, even when she is in class. Her mother realised that something was wrong with her, and got her phone while Amina was sleeping. She saw that her daughter was receiving a lot of hateful and derogative comments on her Facebook wall and in private messages. Other teenagers are making fun of her because of her colour and where she comes from. Her mother is furious and wants to bring this matter to her school’s attention; she saw the profiles of some of the girls who are bullying Amina and they go to the same school as her and she is sure that she is bullied at school too. Since she does not speak the language well though, she comes to the organisation you are working at, asking for help. “