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Module 7-Unit 4-CaseStudy 2

Leslie has two daughters, aged 12 and 17. She regularly checks their phones because she wants to protect them from online dangers. One day, she found a text in her younger daughter’s phone that seemed weird. She asked her about it and she said that her older daughter met a 42 year old man online and was speaking to him on Facebook. The man encouraged her daughter to buy a new sim so he could talk to her on the phone without anyone knowing.

One day, the man asked her daughter to give him the number of her young sister, because he had a friend that wanted to speak to her. When she said that her sister was only 12, he said that his friend is 17. His supposed friend, was talking to both girls and sexting. Leslie found out that they were arranging to meet him and reported him to the police. They discovered that it was the 42 year old all along and wanted to take the girls with him. Adapted from NSPCC, Leslie’s story, https://www.nspcc.org.uk/what-we-do/childrens-stories-about-abuse/leslies-story/